When A Good Girl Turns Bad

When A Good Girl Turns Bad

As Melody took to the stage, the crowd went wild. Melody is a famous R & B artist that has chart-topping hits like Good Girls Do It Better. Melody has fame and fortune. Any woman would want to be Melody. Any man would want Melody on his arm. So why is it that Melody feels so alone in a world that adores her? Samuel Sam Bank$ Washington is the reason. Sometimes women lose themselves in love when they love the wrong person. This is the case for Melody Foster. Melody loves Samuel with all of her but Sam can't love her in return because he doesn't know what love is. Parents who have abandoned him, girls throwing themselves at him every time he turned around, and fame all equal a man who couldn't fathom what love is. Melody is wrapped up in the drama's of Sam that she loses herself. What Melody cannot realize is that she can't fix a broken person unless that person wants to be fixed.

Truth is a man that knows what he wants and knows how to go about getting it. Truth, Sam, and Melody all started on the fame trail together. Through broken relationships and promises, the trio finds themselves at odds. Melody is stuck in the middle, ultimately choosing Sam's side. Did Melody make the right choice? Can Melody change Sam's bad boy ways? Will Melody lose the goodness in her heart and become the bad girl that Sam wants her to be? This is a tale of love and fame. How Melody, Truth, and Sam handle it only time will tell.


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