Tyana & Dyse: A Savage Has My Heart

Tyana & Dyse: A Savage Has My Heart

This is a re-release of Tyana and Dyse: A Savage Has My Heart and A Savage Has My Heart (Combined).
Tyana is a well kept young lady who has morals and a good head on her shoulders. Tyana is a college student who now has to pay her way through school due to her fathers illegal indiscretions. Tyana's father Tyson is more concerned with extra curricular activities in prison than he is the well being of his precious daughter. Tyana's mother only sees secured dollar signs when dealing with Tyana. Tyana must find alternatives to keep up the lifestyle her and her mother are accustomed to.
Tyana meets a savage named Dyse. Dyse is the true meaning of the word savage and he takes a liking to Tyana. Once Dyse sets his sights on something he wants he is bound to get it. Tyana and Dyse have a whirlwind of things happen to them.
Dyse has his own family drama that he has to keep dealing with. The phrases blood is thicker than water and I am my brothers keeper all come into play in this crazy love story.

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