Trippin' Over You

Trippin' Over You

This is a rerelease, part one and two combined. The birth of triplets are an uncommon occurrence. Having three people who are identical in appearance but different in nature is always something fun to experience. Veronica Chase had loved flowers since she was a little girl, so it would only be fitting that she named her beautiful daughters after something she loved. Dahlia, Rose, and Azalea are thicker than thieves, and they embodied phrase, 'I am my sister's keeper.' The bond that these sisters have is indescribable. The Chase triplets were well-rounded teenagers who loved each other and their parents unconditionally until they experienced a traumatizing event that would forever change their lives.When the dust settles, the triplets are left with a family business that they are not old enough to run on their own, a dead father, and a mother who is in prison for the rest of her life on a murder conviction. How will the Chase sisters overcome all the drama and find the light at the end of the tunnel? Will they find their way through? Who will help these teenagers become the women they were destined to be?Experience the Chase sister's up close and personal in this book that shows you the true meaning of by any means necessary!

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