Luvin' My Dirty South Thug 2

Luvin' My Dirty South Thug 2

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In part two of Luvin' My Dirty South Thug, Skylar continues dealing with the dramas that CJ has created in her world. While trying to move on and live her life with AJ, CJ is determined to make that dream one that won't come true. CJ is still the menace that he started off to be, causing drama in everyone's lives. Going through trials and tribulations can be tough for anyone and that goes for every person involved in the love triangle of Skylar, CJ, and AJ. Why does love have to be so complicated, is what Skylar is thinking throughout her journey to find peace and happiness. Will Skylar get her happily ever after? Will CJ get the karma that is overdue to him? Will AJ's dream of marrying Skylar come true? Take this journey with Skylar to see how everything pans out for Skylar and her family.

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