Loving A Boss Held Captive By His Love

Loving A Boss Held Captive By His Love

This is a re-release. This is part one and part two combined. 

Everyone has someone to turn to right? Not Serenity, in this cold hard world Serenity only has herself and her abusive boyfriend. With. no family, no friends and no one to confide in Serenity must escape her abuser. That is easier said than done because her boyfriend is certifiably crazy. He will not stop at nothing to get back at Serenity. Just when she finally finds a safe haven trouble comes lurking around the corner again. Will Serenity figure out how to move on with life? Will she become the woman she was destined to be? The saying "If I can't have you no one can." Comes into play while Serenity battles to be free once and for all. Serenity finds peace and tranquility after attempting to escape Raphael, or so she thought. Trouble seems to follow Serenity every where she goes. Finding her way out of difficult situations has made Serenity more resourceful as she ages. Where there is a will there is a way and Serenity is determined to have her life the way that she always dreamed for it to be.

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