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Since I was a little girl I always had a passion to write. My imagination has always taken me to many different places and through different struggles. As a young girl I would read all the time instead of playing with friends. When I was done reading all the good books, I would create little short stories, design the covers and show my mom all the creative things I came up with. Today I get to live my dream as being a published author. I have written 9 books that have been published! I am working on more as we speak. This isn't a job for me this is my destiny. God has guided me and prepared me for this talent. Now I am ready to share with the world a little of my imagination!


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Loving A Boss: Held Captive By His Love

January 21, 2020

Everyone has someone to turn to right? Not Serenity, in this cold hard world Serenity only has herself and her abusive boyfriend. With. no family, no friends and no one to confide in Serenity must escape her abuser. That is easier said than done because her boyfriend is certifiably crazy. He will not stop at nothing to get back at Serenity. Just when she finally finds a safe haven trouble comes lurking around the corner again. Will Serenity figure out how to move on with life? Will she become the woman she was destined to be? The saying "If I can't have you no one can." Comes into play while Serenity battles to be free once and for all. Serenity finds peace and tranquility after attempting to escape Raphael, or so she thought. Trouble seems to follow Serenity every where she goes. Finding her way out of difficult situations has made Serenity more resourceful as she ages. Where there is a will there is a way and Serenity is determined to have her life the way that she always dreamed for it to be


Luvin' My Dirty South Thug

January 19, 2020

This is a Re-Release! Skylar Franklin's love of her life Charles Jr. has put Skylar through hell and back. The people that Skylar feel she can trust the most are not who they seem to be. SKylar is lost in a world of lies and deceit and she is looking for peace and happiness. Dealing with two children, a cheating husband and friends who seem to have no time for her, Skylar seeks her independence. Join Skylar on her path to finding her happiness.

luvin' 2.jpg

Luvin' My Dirty South Thug 2

January 21, 2020

This is a re-release!

In part two of Luvin' My Dirty South Thug, Skylar continues dealing with the dramas that CJ has created in her world. While trying to move on and live her life with AJ, CJ is determined to make that dream one that won't come true. CJ is still the menace that he started off to be, causing drama in everyone's lives. Going through trials and tribulations can be tough for anyone and that goes for every person involved in the love triangle of Skylar, CJ, and AJ. Why does love have to be so complicated, is what Skylar is thinking throughout her journey to find peace and happiness. Will Skylar get her happily ever after? Will CJ get the karma that is overdue to him? Will AJ's dream of marrying Skylar come true? Take this journey with Skylar to see how everything pans out for Skylar and her family.

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Show Me Your Love: Raiyah & Tyson

March 1, 2020

Raiyah is the definition of a bad girl. With a white dad who is a preacher and black mom that is also a preacher, Raiyah was expected to be a good child. Raiyah is the baby of three other children. Ricky, Richi and Rashawnda all have their ways but none of them as bad as Raiyah's. Raiyah's best friend Monica is accused of turning Raiyah into the cops. Raiyah does 4 years in prison. This story begins when Raiyah is released back into the world. 

Throughout this book Raiyah is faced with dramas of the world. Explore how love changes a bad girl into someone. Love will break through and help Raiyah get back on the right track. 


The Twisted Way That I Love You

January 1, 2020

Taylor Winters-Parker loved her family and could never imagine living without them. As a young girl, Taylor tragically lost her parents and was left to battle the world alone. With no family and barely any friends, Taylor only had one shoulder to lean on that was Lance. Lance loved Taylor since the first day he laid eyes on her, but was that love going to be enough to heal a broken-hearted Taylor? Losing one's parents would take a toll on any person, as it did to Taylor. God only gives you what you can handle, and in Taylor’s case, God expected her to handle a lot.

This is a story of a strong independent woman who has to face trials and tribulations all while maintaining her family. Taylor is hit with many disappointments, ups, and downs, but she manages to get through them. Will Taylor come through on the other side shiny and new, or will the storm batter her so much that she doesn’t survive? Go through the journey with Taylor as she battles demons far and wide.


When A Good Girl Turns Bad 

February 14, 2020

As Melody took to the stage, the crowd went wild. Melody is a famous R & B artist that has chart-topping hits like Good Girls Do It Better. Melody has fame and fortune. Any woman would want to be Melody. Any man would want Melody on his arm. So why is it that Melody feels so alone in a world that adores her? Samuel Sam Bank$ Washington is the reason. Sometimes women lose themselves in love when they love the wrong person. This is the case for Melody Foster. Melody loves Samuel with all of her but Sam can't love her in return because he doesn't know what love is. Parents who have abandoned him, girls throwing themselves at him every time he turned around, and fame all equal a man who couldn't fathom what love is. Melody is wrapped up in the drama's of Sam that she loses herself. What Melody cannot realize is that she can't fix a broken person unless that person wants to be fixed. 

Truth is a man that knows what he wants and knows how to go about getting it. Truth, Sam, and Melody all started on the fame trail together. Through broken relationships and promises, the trio finds themselves at odds. Melody is stuck in the middle, ultimately choosing Sam's side. Did Melody make the right choice? Can Melody change Sam's bad boy ways? Will Melody lose the goodness in her heart and become the bad girl that Sam wants her to be? This is a tale of love and fame. How Melody, Truth, and Sam handle it only time will tell.


Tyana & Dyse A Savage Has My Heart

January 20, 2020

This is a re-release of Tyana and Dyse: A Savage Has My Heart and A Savage Has My Heart (Combined).
Tyana is a well kept young lady who has morals and a good head on her shoulders. Tyana is a college student who now has to pay her way through school due to her fathers illegal indiscretions. Tyana's father Tyson is more concerned with extra curricular activities in prison than he is the well being of his precious daughter. Tyana's mother only sees secured dollar signs when dealing with Tyana. Tyana must find alternatives to keep up the lifestyle her and her mother are accustomed to. 
Tyana meets a savage named Dyse. Dyse is the true meaning of the word savage and he takes a liking to Tyana. Once Dyse sets his sights on something he wants he is bound to get it. Tyana and Dyse have a whirlwind of things happen to them.  
Dyse has his own family drama that he has to keep dealing with. The phrases blood is thicker than water and I am my brothers keeper all come into play in this crazy love story.


Trippin’ Over You

January 20, 2020

This is a Re-release of Trippin' Over You and Trippin Over You 2The birth of triplets are an uncommon occurrence. Having three people who are identical in appearance but different in nature is always something fun to experience. Veronica Chase had loved flowers since she was a little girl, so it would only be fitting that she named her beautiful daughters after something she loved. Dahlia, Rose, and Azalea are thicker than thieves, and they embodied phrase, 'I am my sister's keeper.' The bond that these sisters have is indescribable. The Chase triplets were well-rounded teenagers who loved each other and their parents unconditionally until they experienced a traumatizing event that would forever change their lives.When the dust settles, the triplets are left with a family business that they are not old enough to run on their own, a dead father, and a mother who is in prison for the rest of her life on a murder conviction. How will the Chase sisters overcome all the drama and find the light at the end of the tunnel? Will they find their way through? Who will help these teenagers become the women they were destined to be?Experience the Chase sister's up close and personal in this book that shows you the true meaning of by any means necessary!


Beauty Is Her Name

Exceptional Achievement

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well Beauty “B” Ray is beautiful inside and out. Beauty is an honor student, a daughter, a mother, wife, sister, and best friend. Beauty has always been a good girl. She always was an overachiever in everything that she did. B was always the popular girl, but didn’t like the crowds. Her best friend, Kameo, is B’s rock in life. When you see one, you always see the other. Beauty and Kameo attend college together. On Beauty’s 21st birthday, life as she knew would be changed forever. Beauty must choose between the happiness of people she cares for the most or her own happiness. Beauty wants everyone to get along and coincide, but no one wants to make that wish come true for her. No matter how much they claim to love Beauty, they can never seem to get along enough to tolerate each other. This puts Beauty in a battle that she was trained for. Beauty knows she can’t sit on the fence between the two groups fighting for her time and love. Which side will Beauty choose? Will she agree with her parents or the love of her life? This is part one of a short story about Beauty Ray and her trials and tribulations in being an independent adult.


“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” -

Maya Angelou (The Heart of a Woman)


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